Free Web Hosting For Go Karting Championship

   Go Karting Championship

What is the PrimeKart.com? What do we do?

In simple words:  The PrimeKart.com is a Free Web Hosting Service for Go Karting Championships.

Why we are special?

Because we built a Go Karting Content Management, so you don't need to worry about layout, design, html, technical issues.

There are a lot of groups using the PrimeKart.com in order to host their Go Karting Championship website. Because of it, we call ourselves “The World Wide Go Karting Community”.

Let’s see what you can do if you decide to join us, if you decide to create your PrimeKart Account:

  • First thing, you can save your money because the services we provide are Free!
  • You can create your Go Karting Website in 3-5 minutes. Domain registration is not necessary
  • Forget about technical issues

After you create your PrimeKart account, you can use your new website to:

  • Publish Driver Standings
  • Publish Team Standings
  • Publish Race Calendar
  • Publish News with photo and video
  • Use a Quick Vote System
  • Publish Your Personal Go Karting Resume
  • Publish Youtube Videos
  • Upload and publish your Go Karting Photo Gallery
  • Create PrimeKart accounts to every member of you group.

Well, we hope that you decide to create your account at least to see how easy is to use all the benefits that we are bring to you.
Go ahead, try it! The registration process takes 3-5 minutes.

Best Regards,
PrimeKart Team



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